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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Bergziege goes playing in the snow:)

All the pics where taken over the last Tanxgivingweekend. Martin and I were blessed with a business trip on his side that brought him to Germany and I had promised my parents, who live in Stuttgart, Germany, that I'd come to see them before Xmas... As luck had it M and I could meet up and spent some time with my folks, jump in the rental car and drive to the Alps...
It was a beautiful drive there, only one thing was missing: the snow. Europe had such a mild fall that there wasn't any snow but on a few glaciers. So the decision was made for us and we went to the Stubaital, which is about 30 min from Innsbruck. We found a need little hotel and rented some boots and skis.
We were lucky with the weather and has two perfect days 0f skiing.....ahhhhhh

Don't ask me what I was doing in this pic, but one thing is for sure, I looked successfully schupid...
I didn't care....b/c I was skiing:))))))


Two more need things we found on our trip. First if all a new had for my collection...YES, I DO collect hats, baseball baps, etc,... this one is need b/c it carries my colors, you might not know yet, but I am German. (At least that's what the papers say!:!+????)

The second great find wast this peace of property: a diamond in the rough! And don't they say you should invest in real estate....
Anyway, altogether a WONDERFUL weekend!!!
Now, tomorrow, I "have" to fly to Reno and spent a weekend there. It will be my first skiing in the U.S. (well that is if you don't count Mt. Crescent, IA).
The BIG question is, will I came back with a had a can I resist????????????


Blogger sydney_b said...

have a great time u two. take lotsa pics!



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