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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Booties make life warmer...

at least for my toes and feet. I went to Highgear today and got some booties. What difference. I didn't do the extra sock-layering due to the "heat" wave today. Martin, Mr. Whiskers and I set out to go to Swanson, but I got shyed away by the ice. I battled my way up on the Keystone instead against the wind. I wished so bad for my IPod to keep my thoughts and eyes off my watch, but I had left it at home. Still got a 1.15 hrs ride in. Saw one other rider and three walkers, who took advantage of the warm weather (haha).
Martin and Mr. W. stuck it out at Swanson and so we are all tired. Good day!


Blogger sydney_b said...

So glad the booties help. Personally, I *hate* cold feet and hands - makes me grouchier than all get out.


Blogger VeloCC said...

That day, I didn't wear that Sox-layer but yesterday I did and i loved it. Thank you so much for the tip!



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