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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Die Bergziegen at Lake Tahoe

Die Bergziegen made their way around Lake Tahoe. Well, almost, we had only two days to ski and skied at two opposite ski-resorts: Heavenly and Squaw Valley.
I think we all liked Squaw Valley better. For Roxzy and Ryan, it meant their second day on the skis and more confidence and way more action. I liked it better, because it had less snow boarders. Yes, I have a problem with snow boarders. At least with a lot of them. There at Heavenly they were flying right by you with lightening speed and even I got intimidated. Well, I keep trying to let them be...

The other reason, I like Squaw valley better is, that it was so spread out. It seemed like you had more choices of runs and lifts.
As Martin would say: "It didn't suck!"
It had also a better snow cover and that made for better skiing. Martin and I made it to some nice black runs in the afternoon and they were worth their money. One was called "Siberian Bowl" and, yes it makes your hair stand up for a reason:)

Saturday was so warm, that we could have skied in T-shirts. I have never been that hot skiing. It was a good promotion for the sport. Roxzy doesn't like the cold weather so much and I had told her that it is much easier to stay warm skiing than it is biking. (I didn't tell her of my days on the slopes, where the icy wind is trying to blow you off the mountain; that is, why I own a pair of down mittens...)

We got good work-outs in. I think Sunday, we skied for almost five hours.

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Blogger Josh said...

Looks like such a bad time, enjoy the slopes!


Blogger VeloCC said...

Yeah, we suffered, but hey, someone had to do it! And didn't we fake a nice smile for the camera...



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