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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Doggy TV

Well, while I was doing some work on the computer Mr. Whiskers decided he needed to go onto the outlook and see what is going on out there. And who would have known, he got lucky, or better the squirrel did, since Mr. W could only watch and plan the killing in his head...
He likes to sit up on the computer desk to look outside. Guess it beats sitting on the floor looking at my hopefully not so smelly feet:)
After that I took him for a long walk. Today was my gym day and I am still hoping that those weights will get lighter...
I did buy some ski gloves and a balaclava and I do want to go out biking but driving home from the gym, watching the snow being blown sideways over the roads just didn't turn me on.
Well, tomorrow is another day and maybe the power of motivation will come over me and I will take out my bike for a spinn...

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Blogger sydney_b said...

mr. wiskers is so cute.



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