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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Girls and mechanics... it really true, that we have problems with mechanics? At least today I did, or at least I learnt a valuable lesson: when putting a fender on your full-suspension MTB, you have to adjust the height of the fender to the suspension sag, meaning, once your bottom sits on the bike, the fender will sit lower. I didn't think about that and I didn't notice that...two hours later and thanks to my IPod (and my ignorance!?), I had cranked enough and worked myself through the fender...
Made for a good laugh on Martin's side when I came home, so I thought, I need to share this, I and I thought all the grinding noises came from all the yak on the roads and my bearings that need to be exchanged (due to riding in to much mud last summer and now salt and s-stuff...)

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Blogger sydney_b said...

that's hilarious. :D (glad you're laughing too)



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