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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Missing my Blur

OK, I know the weather is crappy and I am still sick but I am starting to miss my Santa Cruz Blur.

I have it now for a bit over two years and I love it. It is my loyal steed that goes over and through everything.
I started out mountain biking on a hardtail and I still have that bike. It is a Cannondale and it is also a very good bike.

I should actually race it this year, since it is faster than my Blur, even though it is less comfy...and it climbs better and that helps in "steep moments".

Then, there is my very expensive Polo-bike. It cost us about $15 in parts and some labor for my personal mechanic, aka Martin:) For being such an expensive bike, it works really well on the Polo field. I had to find out about a month ago, that I can bent the steel fork with my knee and we were able to "bang" it right back into shape. Same with the "tacoed" wheel. Oh yes, Polo is lots of fun!!

I know you can get high speed on the road and make bigger distances on a road bike, but you can't sneak up with it on a moose in the Rocky Mountains, or chase some turkeys through Manawa; that you can only do on knobby tires off road...

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