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Sunday, February 25, 2007

MTB Poetry by Missy Giove

"I don't want cycling to become an elite sport like skiing. To me it's a soul sport, an art form. I see the world in a different light when I'm looking at it from a bicycle."

Missy Giove is a very talented Downhill (DH) MTBiker. I admire her because she is another female rider and because she says these beautiful things about this sport.


Momentum cures all ills.
Recently, I've been trying to master some tricky stuff on my mountain bike. I've noticed that when I slow down, I start seeing all the rocks and not the other side of the stream.
It's at that moment when I find myself off my bike and soaking wet.
But the faster I go, the more I focus on my goal, the less I notice the big rocks and the more likely I am to end up safe and dry on the other side. A lot can happen, in life or on a mountain bike, if I just keep it moving, ignore the obstacles and stay focused on where I'm headed...Momentum will take care of the rest.

Keep on Moving.


found in the new titlenine catalogue on page 2 (

In my own words, I always say: keep on will get you through a lot


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