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Monday, February 26, 2007

Ode to Blur II

I just wanted to add MUD to the places you can take a Blur...

...well, you have to add a rider that keeps pedaling through it.

I took these pictures at a race at Lake Manawa. It was sometime in July last year and it had it had at many races last season. But I think, this race was actually the first one, that I raced in the
Normally, it would have been intimidated, but that day, I wasn't in the best mood to start with.
Ten minutes before the start, I decided to check the air in my tires and broke the valve off the back tube: S%#%*!!! Yes, I can change a tire in less then ten minutes but it doesn't improve my mood.

At the start just in time, I am in a really crappy mood and I am telling myself that I am not getting stopped by this
MUD and I am pushing, eh pedaling away...
It takes me the first quarter to pass what it seems about everybody. They are all pulled over, cleaning their bikes. I keep pushing. I even manage to be able to shift until the last quarter mile. After that it is all on the big chain ring...well just have to push a little harder.
No idea where I stand when I cross the finish line, but it turns out I am second.
Second after Sydney Brown
, good for her, since it was her first MTB race!!

COOL was that the two of us beat all the guys. We were faster than everybody else.

Well, I learnt that day, that you can really keep you bike moving by keeping pedaling:)

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