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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Off the Bike...

By doctor's order:( Having bronchitis. I guess the ski trip didn't help (but it was fun anyway).
Right now, I am laying low, so I get better soon, so I can get back on my bike.
Isn't it amazing that they even postponed the Heartland Race#1 for me...just kidding, they did it because of the weather but one can dream.
I also need to get better because I "have" to go skiing again. And if that wouldn't be bad enough, this time it is Winter Park, CO, what a "horrible" place....OK, OK, I love this town, even though, I only know it by bike. It is actually the place, where I got my Blur. Only fond memory, besides those few bruises and indentations that I got from those ROCKY mountains:)
Tonight Roxzy, her sister and two nieces, Martin and I went to the Christina Aguilera Concert at the Quest Center in Omaha. Pretty good show! Men, that girl can sing and dance. The Pussy Cat Dolls opened for her and they did a pretty darn good job themselves. I always like good live music and enjoy a well done show.
Amazing how these girls (ladies) can dance on these high-heels without breaking their feet. But that is why that get paid so much money for doing that.
Now we are back home and settling in for the weekend. Are we going to get all that snow??
Isn't it time for spring? I did my first garden walk yesterday to see, if my bulbs are coming up and a few of them are sticking their first green out.
Isn't that one of these beautiful miracles of nature? You put a bulb in the soil in the fall (in hope that no darn deer nor squirrel will feast on it) and then, wen spring comes those bulbs start coming to live and start growing and blooming. I planted about 150 more bulbs last fall. That should bring my bulbous flowers up to, oh almost 400....
Yes, I do like to garden, can't you tell:)
Anyway, I better go to sleep now, it is late.

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