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Friday, February 16, 2007

Reno leaves me speachless!

Our first day in Reno Nevada. Ryan had to work today, so Martin, Roxz and I went exploring the town of Reno, Nevada. First thing on the list: breakfast on "the Strip" at The Nugget. Oh boy, it feels like a movie at 10 in the morning slot machines and all the characters you need. I have a hilarious incident in the bathroom, trying to help an employee to remove a "careful-wet-floor-cone" that is stuck underneath the entrance door to the bathroom. Here is the scene: she sits on the floor (smoking) behind the door, pushing with her feet against the door, while I am pulling on the cone...
Roxzy comes upstairs, but all she sees is me "trying to get out of the bathroom, totally out of breath (I do have a bad cold, we are 5000 feet high and that girl is smoking right into my face plus, I have to pee) IT IS FUNNY!!! Another employee comes in and tries to help and I have to idea to put soap on the cone, so we put three pumps of soap on the cone...nothing.
Well, we push, pull, pry the door open so we can get out and to our breakfast, b/c that is more important and I can't laugh anymore.
A few minutes later that girl comes to the table and thanx us for our help. I guess that got the cone out........what can you say.
After the breakfast we drive around and rent skis and boots, look at some bike shops and enjoy the tempartures in the 60ies.
By mid-afternoon, I have to take a time-out. My voice is totally gone(=hoarse=speachless). This dry dessert air is hart on my cold.
Ryan joins us for dinner and we find this really cool Chinese place. Yummy! By this time, we all have skis, ski-poles and boots. I am sooooo excited. I L O V E skiing. I met Martin through skiing. I love mountains and tomorrow will be the first time that I ski in the U.S.A.
Well, that is not true, b/c I skied at Mt. Crescent, IA. Yes, I have and I can proof it:))
Well, it is time for the ski bunny to go to sleep, so I can tear uo some trails tomorrow.
Die Bergziege in ihrem Element!

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