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Saturday, March 3, 2007

Epic and COLD Ski day

Well we got our first ski day in and even though the weather was gorgeous, it was also freaking cold (arschkalt) and we didn't want to pull out the camera too often. That is, why I looked for some "snowy" pictures online, but nothing does it justice compared to what we saw today.
I know a few of you have been here and know the are. It is beautiful beyond words to start with. Today, after the fresh snow they had yesterday and all week, all the trees and everything was covered in snow and it was the kind of powder that they call champagne powder here, light and fluffy. It was sunny all day and clear.
The only Problem we had today was, that it was arschkalt, like I said earlier. It was so cold, that you had to cover your face and it made the snow slow. I know that rhymes, but it actually sucked as well. Someone, we met on one of the lifts explained it to us. The cold temps, made snow crystals "stand up" and act like sand paper. They actually slowed your skis down...weirdest thing I have ever skied on, plus the wrong wax. It's like having super knobby tires on a bike and you have to pedal to go down hill.
My skis, K2 Performance Carving skis, sometimes just stopped, if I didn't point them downhill enough. Which is hard to do in a mogul field... Tomorrow it is supposed to be warmer and we get a new wax job done. I can't wait. Other than the stopping part they felt really good and I got some got carving in...
The slopes up here are wide open and there weren't many people out today. Maybe it was too cold for them.
Well, time for me to sleep.

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