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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Epic Ski Day

Don't have any pictures yet for the blog and I am too tired to write
too much but we had an epic ski day.
5 hrs of skiing
all kinds of different kinds of slopes:
and then,we started to ski in the trees, in the deeper snow,
crossing from one slope to the other.
Big fun, high adrenalin kick, since you
cannot stop as easily, there are TREES and
lots of fluffy snow to stop you dead and suck you up,
oh and you can't turn, at least, I can't...
You come out on a BLACK slope (and black is an understatement),
and with MOGULS that you can hide in between...
well, it is like Downhill MTB and it is a great work out.
By the way Marc, even though my HRM didn't work today, this was not a Zone 1 or 2 work out. I will show you the pictures. You will see
Later we went on to ski an area that can't be groomed.
It goes down trough trees, stumps, rocks, etc.
(the latter are mostly covered in snow)
Martin decided that I need a ski helmet for next year.
I didn't know those kind of runs existed until today,
not that I would ever ski them...

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Blogger sydney_b said...

u be careful, girl. jeeze. can't train with a broken leg.



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