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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Having a DOG moment....

This is/was Chelsea, my very first dog: a short legged Jack Russell Terrier that I saw first when she was six weeks old. I took her home after nine weeks and after that, we were only known as the C-Team. She and I went everywhere together. She was so much more than a dog and she helped me through so many tough times in my life.
I can also say, and everybody that knew her would agree, that I made her life as wonderful as possible for her, since she was the love of my life...
Playing stick was one her favorite things to do and she could drive you nuts with her endless (JR) energy. She outplayed every other dog and every human that ever played with her, BUT, I could take her to school with me. Back in Germany she went everywhere with me, shopping, to restaurants, traveling on the train, etc. and she was always well behaved

Last Spring she started to slow down and in May she got really sick. We took her to the Vet and they found out that her little kidneys weren't working anymore. They tried everything but they had to give up and we had to make the hardest decision and let her go....
I am still crying writing this. There was this special bond between her and I and I felt that day a piece of me died, but I am sure every pet owner feels the same.
So all week, I have been looking at Kit and how sad her family must be right now and all my pain came back.

But, then there is this sigh underneath the table and it reminds me that Mr. Whiskers is sleeping at my feet. He actually joint us before Chelsea got sick, so I wouldn't have to find a "replacement" (as if that would ever be possible) and over this last year, he snack in my heart and he makes it really hard not to love him.
Life goes on and the ones that passed on are still alive in our hearts and memories...

And how can you resist a face like that:))



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