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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Having FUN in WP, CO

We got back at 2 am this morning. The drive was no fun. Foggy and dark but we took turns and made it safely to our Fisher House.
Since I couldn't upload pictures on the road, did I pick a few of my fav' to get you started.
I am trying to set up a Flickr account, so you can see them all.
As most of you know by now, did Martin and I spent six days in Winter Park, Colorado.
We have been there before over Labor Day weekend to go MT biking but this was our first ski trip. And what a trip it was:
The start for me kinda sucked, since I got snowed in here in Omaha on Thursday and couldn't fly out to Denver until Friday. Martin was already there and picked me up at the airport.
Friday, the weather up over the Berthoud Pass was
horrible. It snowed and the temps were around 0 degrees F...brrrr! So actually, we didn't miss that Friday as a ski day at all.
We checked in the hotel. Rented skis and got some snacks and settled in for the day.
And, as you can see on this first pic, I bought a hat.
My closest friends know this:

I COLLECT HATS AND BASEBALL CAPS:))) Wherever I go, I try to find a cool one. Drives Martin nuts, but what can you do...(so if you ever find a cool had and think, VeloCC might like it, think off me:)

Well, next morning, we have blue skis and we head out to hit the slopes. It is a bit chilly and I am glad, I never actually looked at a thermometer that day: the high was a whopping 8 F!!
No wonder, that I started getting cold feet and had to put some toe warmers in my boots. We had to cover our faces.Good thing was (not) that I had left my ski mask in my suitcase...
But I had a windstopper scull cap and a windstopper neckgator and I have some down mittens and with a few stops for hot tea or coffee, we made it through that day.
It just made for weird and slow snow conditions. The cold snow actually slows the skis down...something physical.

Next day: more sunshine, better wax on the skis, warmer temps and and even broader smileon my face...what else can I say:)
We went down mogul craters that sometimes ate you up

We skied through deep powder, trees, ungroomed slopes, through moguls on steep slopes (dobble black diamonds) that were so high, that they reached my waist as you can see in the pictures. That is real work to get down those hills, trust me.

This picture stands for its self. It isn't very easy to stop in the deep
powder and so it come that you get to hug a tree:)

Driving around to explore the area, we saw this moose resting just on the side of the road.It got up, when we got out of the car.

I takethist as a GOOD sign, since we found out favorite place in Fraser Valley. It is still a dirt road in the woods, but they started to sell land and there are a few house built. The Road is called Moose Run Lane and we fell in love with it.
Might me a dream for a while but if I land this job, I know what I will invest in. I piece of land on Moose Run Lane. You van all bring your MTB. The trails go right through our yard. And Mr. Whiskers can hunt some Moose:))


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