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Thursday, March 29, 2007

London Heathrow, England

Cheers from London Heathrow.

I am waiting for my connecting flight to Chicago right now. I will never complain again about any airports in the US. This one is by all means the most painful!
You are only allowed ONE bag, so your purse does not count and has to be stuffed into your carry on...tell that someone like me that loves big purses....

But, now I am sitting here and can use the Internet for the first time on over a week. I can live without a cell phone but I think, I am addicted to the there something like an AIA?

Don't tell my Mom but she packed me sandwiches and I lost them, trying to merge my bags:(
Now, I am hungry and sad. It's been a long time since my Mom made a sandwich for me, plus she put some German chocolate easter eggs in it...

Well, if everything works well (and I do hope so), I should be back in the Heartland this evening.

I am looking forward to seeing you all:))
I miss y'll

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Blogger Adrian_O said...

Hope you make it home safe! Cheers!



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