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Monday, March 5, 2007

R&R& Exploring the Area on Monday

We decided to take the day off from skiing, to rest our burning leg muscles and to explore some more of the area around the Grand Country beyond Winter Park (WP).
Martin let me sleep in a bit longer, which helped me "digest" my cocktails from last nite... We also did some laundry, actually, Martin did the laundry.
He found this place about 40 mile from WP, called Hot Sulphur Springs, Co and it has, like the name indicates: a Hot Sulphur Spring Resort and Spa.
I didn't want to go at first but then I thought, hey, lying in some hot water, might not only relax my sore muscles but also clear my head and so we went.
And it was wonderful.They have 13 pools with different temperatures, all fed by naturals (stinky) sulfur, but oh so relaxing. We soaked for about for two hours until we fetl like prunes and almosll asleep...
Time to get out and going.
Next, my wish came true to drive to Grand Lake. It is a small resort town on a Lake, that is supposed to be Colorado's largest natural lake. Besides being a cute little town, it is also the new home of a friend of mine, Sarah, who used to work at the Trek Store in Omaha. She met this guy, who owns a bike shop at Grand Lake and moved out there and I do not blame her at all.

Bummer was, that Monday's is her day off, so we missed her, but we went into the store next door, since they were selling dog supplies, so I could get a souvenir for you-know-who and being in a small town they knew Sarah and promised to tell her we said hello.

On the way back to WP, we took a detour into our favorite part of this area. It is called the Fraser Valley. Fraser is the next town over from WP and we went there the last few times mountain biking, because you can drive into the woods, park the car and start out flat, before you have to climb up the "hills"(mountains). It is densely wooded with pine trees. There are a few houses but mainly open land and lots of property for sale. Driving through there brings tears to my eyes. It literally feels like: THIS IS IT!!! OH MY LORD... It is beyond words and I can't describe the feeling that I get being out there other than: I feel, I belong there.

On the way back into Fraser, we "caught" a Moose sleeping, just a few yards beside the road.

Well, everybody has to cross their fingers and if you are religious, please pray for me, so I can get this job with ES&S. That way, I will have some money to invest; invest in some real estate in Fraser Valley Colorado.

You will be ALL invited! We will have MTB trails starting right at our front door and lots of other activities....



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