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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Second Ride

After my first beautiful day of riding my new bike, I wanted to go out and do it again.
I have to admit that I am very timid, when it comes to cornering, breaking, riding over rough stuff and such but again, I am a total newby on the road. So I saddle up my Roadie and out on the Keystone. I am really lucky to have this trail almost outside my front door, so I don't have to fear the traffic too much.
I made it up to the movie theater at Twin Creeks, when I notice the black clouds. One phone call to Martin (and a look at the radar) later, I head on south on the Keystone.
I make it to 25th Street when the first rain hits me:( I wait it out and turn around.
This time, again back at the movie theater, Martin calls me to ask where I am at and to tell me to rush home. As soon as we hand up it starts raining.
I end up rushing over to Culvers and Martin had to come to get me. I saved me from pouring rain, hail and lighting...WOW!
OK, the picture was NOT taken today, but when I hear "hail", that is what I am thinking off...



Blogger enna said...

Gettin' caught in the rain is different on a road bike, huh? Glad Martin could pick you up and save you from the lighting.

Nice blog you have going...keep it up! (:


Blogger Adrian_O said...

You should come down on Monday or Wednesday and ride with us in Lincoln.


Blogger VeloCC said...

Thanks Anne:) I wanted a blog for a while and its pretty exciting to write for it. It is still shaping up, but that is the beauty of it, I can do whatever I like:)


Blogger VeloCC said...

Adrian, I would love to. I just think, I need to train up a bit to be able to go out in a group:)
I will check out your blog.



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