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Monday, March 5, 2007

Yestersay's recap March 3rd

Yesterday's entry got jeopardized by too much skiing, not enough eating and Happy Hour at the bar across the street...upsi! Two Cranberry-Vodkas later (dobble shots, due to the Happy Hour) put me "out-of-order" :)
So, here is the recap today. We had our skis re-waxed in the morning. For all non-skiers, I should explain the importance of the wax on the bottom of the skis. It makes for the glide of the ski in the snow. There are all kinds of different kinds of waxes out for all kinds of different kinds of snow: cold, fresh powder, ice, warm, slush, etc; it's a science.
Anyway, we got new wax and all of a sudden we had skis that actually ran down the hill:)) Heavenly!
After studying the
Trail Map we decided to check out some new trails. The weather was "warmer" but still in the 20ies. Sunny, no wind and perfect snow: no ice, no slush and enough fresh snow and room to play on the slopes....ahhhhhhhhh. And when you stop and look up, all you see is more mountains, trees, trails, snow caps, blue sky....
The skis that I rented turned out to be the perfect match for me. When "summoning" all my skills, I could really rip up some of the slopes, what a great feeling. It is almost like flying.
Martin, even teased me to go off-piste, into deep powder, to make some fresh trails between some trees. I had never done that and I did two LOG-CROSSINGS:). No jumping so BUT so much fun. Martin took a picture of me that I have to add later. You can tell, by the smile on my face: total bliss.

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