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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

40 Degrees and WIND....

...that almost makes you go backwards on the trail. Who told me that road biking is supposed to be fun!?!?
Well, it actually made for a good work-out. I went into the wind and did some "sprints", well let's say, I pedaled harder, my heart rate went up, but I didn't go any faster....I got cold toes (no wonder after I saw the wind chill temps on the weather channel) and I had a hard time listening to my IPod, because the wind was howling.

BUT, on the way home, I got rewarded with a tail wind that made me fly:))
What always amazes me is the quietness, when you ride with the wind, it is like all of a sudden, you hit the mute button.

I guess, the good thing about the wind is, that it's drying out the trails for the race on Saturday. Then I can hide between the trees:)

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Blogger sydney_b said...

I'm glad you got out. I did for a bit too and boy was it fun to turn towards town and fly with the wind.


Blogger Adrian_O said...

I'm in shock...again...cold weather sucks!


Blogger VeloCC said...

Yeah this cold weather thing does suck! I came home and my toes hurt. After checking the temperatures I knew why...:(



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