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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Big Yard Day plus Two Hours Wind Battle

Martin and I started with the spring clean up in the yard. For me, that meant, cutting out all the dead flowers out of the flowers beds and spread out 8 bags of garden soil and 5 bags of manure to amend my flower beds. I will have to dig for some pictures from last year, or better take some to put them on here. The trick was, not to cover up, all the bulbs and plants that are already up and blooming, so instead of just dumping all the bags in the beds, I had to hand spread them around the plants. After I was done with that, I planted a few violets to give the yard a bit more color.
Martin repaired one of our fences in the meantime, killed some (MANY) ants and did other things around the yard. Mr. Whiskers made sure, we did everything correctly and that we were safe:)

After we were done with that (three hours later), we jumped on our bikes to battle the wind on the Keystone to get a two hour ride in. But I feel, I need to ride in order to get in shape for next Saturday for the first Psycowpath Race.

...Yes, I am pooped now. It is partly a bit of left over jet-leg, but also lots of outdoor exercise.

So, I guess, I will go to bed to get my beauty sleep

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