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Sunday, April 8, 2007

a bit more about Tranquility

Tranquility is always the first race in the Psycowpath Race Series.
Tranquility Park is just off Fort Street in Omaha and is actually pretty beginner friendly. But it does require a lot of climbing...don't ever believe anyone that tells you that Nebraska is flat:)
This year's race was especially interesting, because the organizers, The Bikemasters decided to run the race course backwards, so instead of riding it counter clockwise, we rode it clockwise and listening to a lot of folks, everybody loved it.

This picture shows the beginning of the Expert race, even though it looks like a string of pearls from my lens, there is a lot of fighting and despite the COLD already sweating going on.

The start of the Beginner Women's race. I my opinion, Crossbikes should be forbidden at a MTB race...I am the the lady in red, second after the crossbike. I actually had a pretty good race. I did better than I thought considering that I haven't been training in so long. That will change!

Donna Holmes keeping the right race spirit.... She is a great rider and always fun to meet at the races:)
Roxzanne flying around the corner. Roxzy finished even though she had to run her bike over the line AND still made second. Roxzy YOU ROCK!!!

Big smiles from very good friends and mentors, Sydney Brown and Marc Walters.

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