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Saturday, April 21, 2007

How many riders live in this house?

....there is one more helmet that doesn't fit on that shelf....!?!?!?

Well, three of them are in use, if that helps:)

We had a busy day today. This morning, we spent almost 4 hours at Swanson Park, doing trail work. Thanks to everybody that came out there to help. We put a big dent it and it should be ready for the race in a couple of weeks.
This afternoon Martin and I saddled up our bikes. This time, I was back on my beloved Blur and we went for three laps at Swanson. Since I had to ride for some more I decided to ride home from there and with a hard headwind, added another 35 minutes to my ride time...pooooh, now I am tired!
I hope it won't rain tomorrow. Martin got a loaner road bike and we want to go out and ride together:)) I am excited about that.

Well, I hope all you LP folks, teamFire and whoever else is racing down in Lincoln puts the pedal to the metal and gets some good results!! I am thinking about you guys. That wind is definitely a kicker...

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Blogger Marc said...

What wind? Oh, that wasn't wind. I'm not sure what to call it, well i did call it a few words, but there was also that thing that pushed me up the hill. The hill on the west side of brached oak. Usually races go up it at 22-23. More like 27-28 this time:)



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