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Sunday, April 15, 2007

MetrO Mountain Bike Challenge

First Impressions from a well organized Event .Organized by a great group of people. Thanks for all their work.

Some people, here a member of teamFire, from Lincoln, made it look easy to come up this hill.

Others took it with a running attitude... Either way, there where more "goodies" on the other side of that.

It must be spring: green everywhere...

The Winner takes it all... Roxz and Donna getting their prizes for making the podium. Good Job Chicas!!!

Mr. Whiskers played with Cody, a 6 month old Alaskan Malamute, or did Cody use Whiskers as a chew toy?!?! They had fun at least:)

Picture of die Bergziege herself, after a good race. I race advanced, 2 lps a a little bit over 2 hours. No where near the podium, but a good fast training ride. My thanks goes out to Dave who helped me to get through this! Thank you!!

If you look really closely, my actual ride lays next to me and I am sitting on Sydney's Badger.

Sydney had bad luck and had to dnf. She blew her tire out and had not the right tools with her to fix the problem during the race. Better luck next time Syd!!!

This picture is taken after I took it out for a short loop....ahhhhh, how nice and smooth that was, I am loving it, dang it, I shouldn't fall in love with a custom bike .

And by the way I LOVE the ERGON Grips.
They where balsam on my hands after a long week of riding and an race. I definitely want a pair for my bike.

Afterwards, R&R had us over for some BBQ, Ryan just got this beauty of a grill: yummy!!
And we could taste all the goodies....nothing like a good after-race-meal, where you think, "Oh, I can eat that brownie. Today, I really deserve it..........."

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Blogger Adrian_O said...

Definitely doing this again. That's Rob and old school pedaling.


Blogger VeloCC said...

Thanks Adrian for watching out for Mr. Whiskers while Martin and I were racing. Very nice of you!


Blogger Adrian_O said...

No problem...i had to leave about 5 minutes before you guys finished. Had to get back to Lincoln by 5. BTW - I took him on a good stroll...seemed like he enjoyed it. Thanks to Mr. W too.


Blogger JW said...

Don't take any crap Mr. Whiskers, go get that big puppy. Sorry we missed you guys on Sunday, ended up get everything ready for family dinner night at our place.



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