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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My Home Town and other old STUFF....

When I started this blog, I gave it a German title, since I am German. But I also had in mind to tell a bit about my heritage and where I am coming from. So on the last trips home, I tried to take some pictures of places that mean something to me.

I actually don't have nearly enough pictures, but I will find some more on the Internet...

Today, I put some pics of the little town up that I spent most of my life. I moved there when I was three years old. It is called Neuweiler and it was first mentioned in an official paper in the 1295. These little towns or villages were founded to support a close by monastery in Bebenhausen by Tuebingen

Tuebingen is also the town, where I went to law school. The university of Tuebingen is one of the oldest in Germany. It was founded in 1477.

Oh my, I already see that I don't get far with this, because there is so much to tell.

But I don't want to bore you and thought I just put up some info every once in a while to show you where I am from and why I am who I am:)

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Blogger K Olivera said...

I could read this all day long and look at the pictures. Tell more. . .


Blogger VeloCC said...

I would love to. I actually have more pictures on the other computer. I just need to dog some more but I'd be happy to.


Blogger sydney_b said...

yeah. I want to see more pics too. Trying to imagine living somewhere with that kind of history... must lend an entirely different view. Everything is so new here.


Blogger Adrian_O said...

Thats awesome! I like the old architecture.


Blogger VeloCC said...

I will make it a series of some fav' spots in Germany:) Glad you like it.



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