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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Quest for a good Saddle

I have been riding bikes for quite a while now but just recently, did I start spending more time in the saddle and out off the saddle, anyway, I started noticing that my behind reacts really sensitive to all that "abuse". It doesn't help, that I have four bikes, OK, three, since I am not riding my Polo bike right now.
So, I am on the quest for a good saddle. I know there a women's saddles out there and I know that they make sense but even those come in such big differences.
I really love the look of the Brooks saddles, but I am wondering, if for example the "Finesse" is more a road saddle than a mountain bike saddle. It is pretty wide in the back and I am not sure how well it would hold up on a MTB trail.
I have been riding my Cannondale with a "male" saddle and I was miserable for two days after...ouch!
Can anybody give me her experience? Is there a way to try a saddle? Sydney, I will definitely take you up on you offer and try out your Brook saddles:)



Blogger enna said...

I have been really happy with my new Brooks saddle on my road bike. I have the men's professional. I went with the men's b/c it wasn't as wide as the womens. Just like they say it gets better every time I ride it. As far as that saddle on a mtn. bike, I don't know if I am ready to make the switch. Some people don't like the brooks cause it weighs at least a half pound more. Although if you want to drop $300+ you can get a lite one!

I have a saddle you can try. It is a Bontrager Race Xlite fit (womens specific). It is at the shop now. I will make a point to grab it so when I see you next I can pass it off. I had it on my Superlight but did't like it on my GF rig.


Blogger VeloCC said...

I would love to try that one out! I think my bum changes with riding more:)) Thanx much!!



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