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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Race at Tranqility Park

Today was the first race in the Psycowpath Race Series.
The weather was lovely...not, with a high of maybe in the 30ies but the wind making sure that is stayed cool enough that even the water started to freeze over.

Yes, that is ICE on the creek...

Other than that, we had a good race, or I should say, I had a good race. I made second in my class and I am pretty happy with that.
I raced Beginner Women and I got my trophy, nobody was around to take pictures, but when the more advanced racer finished we all got to applause them so I got a great shot of Donna Holmes, Roxzanne Abbott and Syndey Brown
Good Job Chicas!!

Martin didn't make the podium, but he looked pretty cool out on the trail:)Thanks to the BikeMasters Team for all their work around the race.

Thanks goes also to Josh and Khamail for their after-race-feast! Such good food


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