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Friday, April 6, 2007

Where is my helmet liner and why do my tulips die?

Facing the facts about the COLD weather tomorrow for the race is one thing...finding my cold weather gear is another. I can't find my helmet liner. I used it for skiing last and now it disappeared.

I am also watching all my tulips die in the yard:((
I know I should have covered them up, but I finally have so many in the ground that the area is too big too cover. I just hope that it only caught the early ones. I did buy a mix that is supposed to bloom at different times.
Yes, I love to garden and whoever has been to our house knows that we have a big yard. Martin built me several flower beds and I am filling them slowly with bulbs and perennials. Not being from here and not having gardened before, some of the planting is done by trial and error and "survival of the fittest". I have smuggled bulbs from Germany and, I sometimes set my heart on a plant that isn't hardy for this area. Then, I have to pot it in a pot and it comes inside in the winter.
I can't go to garden stores too often. It gets too expensive:))
I have to upload some of the pictures that I took this morning during my garden walk. But I always have to be careful, since I get really excited about ONE LITTLE flower and I don't want to bore anybody.....Oh besides all that, did Martin, Whiskers and I go for a walk at Swanson to see, how the trail is doing, to do a bit of maintenance and pick up some trash.
The trail is dry, so go out there and ride!!

One of my tulips that I took inside:

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