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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Won my first race!

My medal: Winner of the Beginner Women's Class at Crocodile Rock, Perry, KS. Some folks might say, whatever, female riders just have to show up and finish to make the podium and sometime that is true but today was a bit different: Yes, I was the fastest beginner woman and there were only three of us racing.
BUT, first of all, it was 87 F or as it felt HOOOOOT.
Still, I was racing strong and finished ahead of quite a few beginner men:)) That was the really cool part.
Die Bergziege in action. You can't see it here but Crocodile Rock earns it name by a lot of rocky sections, but my Blur and I powered through it. And it was really hot, but I just spaced it out, didn't help me in the end, since I did two laps (10 miles) with just one botttle of water... dehydration taught me to plan better next time.

Still Life

One tired d o g after the race, trying to stay out of the sun. He was such a good sport all weekend.

We camped at the lake and in the morning, Martin made breakfast recycling needed (lol)

Thanks to my Dream-Team Martin and Mr. Whiskers for a wonderful weekend.
Well, most thanks should go to Martin. He was actually sick but knew how much I wanted to race down in KS, so he packed all our stuff up and cooked and took care of all those little things that make my life with him so wonderful:)
Good times!!



Blogger Adrian_O said...

Congrats on your BIG WIN!!!


Blogger VeloCC said...

Thanks! I am proud:) It wasn't an easy race.


Blogger K Olivera said...

Congrats! And BTW--I love the pic of Mr W--cute!



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