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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The days after...

Monday night, I went to ride the Chica ride but my legs were still pretty sore from Sunday, plus my neck and my right shoulder, that I had crashed on didn't let me enjoy the ride.
So I let all those female speed demons do their thing and just rode "my" bike for a while at my pace. I say "my" bike, because I was giving Martin's Intense another try and I have to admit, it is growing on me. It does climb better and reacts quicker than my beloved Blur.
Might have to race that one on Sunday...

Today, I had a long a waited appointment at a physical therapist for my neck. I have been having neck problems for a while now and my recently intensified training with up to 7 rides a week doesn't help it. So, I finally went. The guy was really nice and very pro-sport!
He gave me stretching and strengthening exercises for my neck and my shoulders and told me not to crash anymore...sure!
AND, I will have massage THREE times a week:) Hey, if that won't help then what.

Back home, I pulled out my Roadie (I named my road bike) to do some hill sprints and almost spilled right in our drive-way. There is a gap right in the middle of the drive -way going down towards the road and I decided to take exactly that line...deedeedee! That was the closest, I have gotten to crashing on my road bike, schoene scheisse!
My hill sprints, I did right at "my" hill. We live at the beginning of this long and very steep hill. It is always a show in the snow, because people get stuck with their cars all the time.
Anyway, this is from now on velocc's hill (of pain).
But to my surprise, those sprints weren't as painful as I had thought. My legs are getting stronger. Great feeling:)
After my sprints, I went for a "stroll" on the Keystone and got blasted by the wind. Don't you hate that, that you have to turn your IPod up, just to drown out the howling of the wind.
I rode for another hour and came back home, with this good feeling of having my workout done for the day.
I also took pictures of my plants, but I haven't uploaded them yet, so that might be tomorrow's post.
Well, now it is late and Mr. Whiskers tells me, he needs his beauty sleep, so I better wrap it up for tonight and write some more tomorrow.

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Blogger nicol said...

Can't see his black spots when he's upside down, but that's a very cute picture. :)

Cool about the legs feeling stronger on those sprints. That's a good feeling, I am sure!



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