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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Flower Power

My latest addition to my selection of plants is this orchid. They are fickle plants, but I like the challenge. They only bloom once a year, but then for several weeks. This one just started. Let's see, how long this one will bloom. I feed it special food.

Outside, I have been spending several hours on my flowers beds. Cleaning up the spring flowers, spreading some new dirt and get rid of some weeds....that reminds me, I still have a whole box of bulbs sitting in my sun room that need to be planted, I guess that will be tomorrow's job.
Oh, and then my favorite, mowing the lawn, my two-hour-work-out. Yes, we do have a big yard! I did that today.
I also have one flower bed that needs to be "build". The stones need to be set around it and the soil loosened up and then I have to figure out what to plant it it. Maybe veggies......

Tonight, I went for a ride on the Keystone. Oh my God, those underpasses are messed up from the rain. They are dry now, but they must have been totally flooded.

I also had a Doctor's appointment today. I have been having neck problems from a MTB accident last year. It has been bugging me now more since I ride more and I finally decided, I need to do something about it. First he said, I should stay off the bike for a while...NOOOO!
So we settled on physical therapy, which is fine by me. Hopefully that will help my neck!


Blogger JW said...

I'm happy to see the food is working! They are beautiful plants. Ours has had its bloom for nearly six weeks now.


Blogger sydney_b said...

it's gorgeous!



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