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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Power Toys and Power Sprints

I meant to go outside today to finally take a picture of each of my hostas, so I can start keeping track of my collection, but when I did my morning garden walk, it started raining again.
Well, no pictures of my hostas, but Mr. Whiskers got an extra walk today:)
The pictures show him by the way with a power or record toy, bought for around $ 2. A little hedgehog with a squeaker AND even after 5 days, the squeaker is still "alive"...

I had Physical Therapy (PT) again for my neck and my shoulder. I had a bike crash about a year ago and it keeps bugging me so I finally went to the Doc. Now I have PT three times a week.
It's fantastic! I can ride hard, crash (like I did Sunday at L&C) and they take care of it:)
Massage, Stretching and Heat = Heaven

Worked until I jumped on my Roadie to go out for Power Sprints, that is get your RPM up to 100-130. Not that hard, but the reps get you after a while, so now I am sitting here with tight legs and a tight neck again:)
Well, Friday is my next PT appointment....

So tomorrow, I will try again to get a hand on my hostas.
Plus I want to go out and Pre-ride Lewis&Clark.

Oh, and whoever does those rain-dances, would you please stop! We have some races to ride.


Blogger Jill said...


Thanks for your visits. Mr. Whiskers is a cutie. Those plants I posted on my blog are called skunk cabbage, I'm told, and they're the first green to appear here in the spring. Sprout up through the snow and everything.

Interesting that you enjoy PT. I found it to be evil and sadistic. But I guess it's just a matter of perspective.


Blogger VeloCC said...

I guess, it is a matter of trusting your PT! The place I go, all the PT all very active and the patients are as well, so everyone is pretty excited about me biking. They don't think I am crazy or at least not more than others:)



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