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Monday, May 21, 2007


(the laziest dog ever....)
AHHHH, I had my day off today, that is OFF the bike and yes I missed it but my body was ready for a break.

I got a special treat today or say treatment. I started physical therapy for my neck and shoulder pain and that felt sooooo gooood. I had forgotten how relaxed one can feel:)
They did some massage, stretching and heat. NICE!

Afterwards, I was so sleepy that I needed some caffeine to wake me up again.

All relaxed, I hauled some plants around the yard and did some digging. I planted some more plants (I finally got a blomming peonie:), moved some others and took some pictures:(Hibiscus)


Today was also a SAD day. Today it has been a year since my little girl Chelsea passed away.
I hope she is having fun now in Doggy Heaven and finding lots of occasions to play fetch, her favorite game...


Blogger K Olivera said...

Wishing you nothing but happy memories of your little one. (and lots of loves and kisses from Mr W).


Blogger Cornbread said...

I only got to hang with Chelesa for a couple of days at a Lake Perry last year, but I will say she was a great dog.


Blogger VeloCC said...

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Blogger VeloCC said...

Thanks Cory! She was great. She touched a lot of people's hearts and they will never forget her.


Blogger dale said...

Ran into Martin at L&C today and he mentioned Monday was the anniversary.

When I think of Chelsea, I always remember the IMBA Trail Crew day at Platte a couple years ago. We were out rerouting 001 and Chelsea stepped in front of Jesse as he was swinging a pickaxe. Fortunately, he just grazed her head. She loved the trails. I think that was the first time I met Martin and Chelsea.



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