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Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Rainy Day....

this picture was taken last year at Swanson
Did someone say, that we are supposed to race at Swanson this weekend? Yes, oh, we are doomed! Guess why it started raining today....
I found out by the way that road biking has another advantage to MTB, not that I would ever give that up, well, you can still ride on wet roads.
I went down to Lincoln to meet Sydney and her Mom and the three of us went for a ride IN THE RAIN!!!
Talking about dedication. Hanging out with Sydney taught me a few good lessons over the last few months. I remember those winter nights, when it was freezing and dark out side and she followed her training program put up by her coach, e.g. doing sprints on an empty parking lot.

Talking about that coach, he is also my coach and in the short time that he has been training me, I have become a better rider. He DOES a great job and is a wonderful person, but in the end, Sydney and I have to climb on that bike and ride. It doesn't matter what brand of bike, what bike computer it has on it, ...., the rider has to ride.
I am just in the beginning and I don't know where my path will lead me this season.
One thing I know is, I get there one pedal stroke at a time and that I have to keep those pedals moving.....


Blogger sydney_b said...

So glad you came down, Christine. :)

And you're right, those road bikes go out in any weather, 'cept when there's a layer of ice. You gotta train in it, cuz you'll probably race in it at some point.

"one pedal stroke at a time" -- that's a good way to look at it, especially on those hard days when you're hurting...kinda like making payments so you get that day you feel absolutely great.


Blogger Cornbread said...

Ugh...that's a lot of mud. Hopefully Swanson will be ridable tomorrow. Good luck at the race!



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