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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Timing is everything!

The race at Lewis&Clark is only two days away, so today, I had planned to go out there to get one more ride in.
I wanted to wait until the afternoon, to give the trail a chance to dry out some more, since we had all that rain.
I had a few things to do today and kept thinking:"what a gorgeous day", when everyone I talked to told me about the rain that we are supposed to get.
By the time, I had eaten, walked the dog, loaded the bike and my bike gear on, I saw those dark clouds to the east of us....scheisse! I jumped in the car and made a run for L&C.
On the drive over there, I kept looking in the rear view mirror and watched it get darker...
I was determined to get one lap in, so when I got there, I got my bike out and started riding.
Once one trail, I couldn't see the sky, so I just hoped for the best and enjoyed my ride. A few times, I thought, I felt some drops, but I guess, it was sweat (or fear:D)
I actually had a good ride. I didn't break any speed records but I did more sustained climbing and that is what L&C is all about.
I only got attacked once by the mosquitoes and got my spray out and reapplied some more.
So slowly but surely, I made it back up the hill towards the monument and by the time I got the the parking lot: it started raining...and it rained hard. Hopefully, we will still have a race!?!?!


Blogger mtb05girl said...

You'll have a blast during the race. I love that course. Unfortunantly, I can't make the race. I've never raced there, just ridden...awesome trails!!


Blogger VeloCC said...

Yeah, I am starting to look forward to it. I just hope, we won't get rained out!


Blogger LoupGarou said...

I take it that the trails weren't that bad from the rain on Thursday? You aren't the only one hoping it doesn't get rained out. :)


Blogger VeloCC said...

I rode it BEFORE it rained on Thursday...I don't know what is going to happen to the race at this point?!?



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