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Friday, May 4, 2007

To race or not to race that is the question...

When I got up this morning and saw all the the wetness outside I thought, the Swanson race is toast...
Oh well, I thought, I will just go with the flow and I will still have a race since I decided to go to Waverly, IA to race there on Sunday.
I did some work around the house, one of my favorite shores, mowing the lawn, which takes me TWO hours. If that isn't a work-out then what...
Well, the sun came out and despite some weird clouds, it stayed dry, so far...
There is still some stuff coming our way,one can only hope, that it will miss us.

The good news is, the Swanson Park is literally just around the corner from my house, so all I have to do is throw on my bike stuff, jump on the bike and ride over:)

Hopefully, I will see you all out there in the morning!
May the weather and the FORCE be us!!


Blogger sydney_b said...

looks really nice, cc. lovely.



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