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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Took my Blur out for a Ride at L&C

Martin and I went over to Council Bluffs to ride Lewis & Clark. I have to say it again, I think that place is the hardest one to ride. For me it is a confidence-sucker, meaning it sucks all my confidence out of me:( I don't have problems with the down hill parts, but there are so many technical climbs, steep, narrowly curving around, over roots, and what not...
Martin took his time and stayed with me and told me a lot of technical tips, how to ride certain spots and I was more than grateful to get help with that.
I had one crash, that actually hurt, because, I fell on my left elbow (maybe I should start writing down my crashes like other people keep track of their miles ridden. That would give me at least one high number) and it hurt:(
I could also feel the TT from yesterday in my legs, so I started to use the small chain ring in the front some more. That helped, but it didn't make me faster.
Well, whoever rode that trail, knows, how great it feels to get back up on the parking lot.
I kinda had a bad feeling when I looked at Martin and yes, I was right, he wanted to go another loop...
Knowing, I need the training, I went along and I actually were able to ride more than the first lap. That was cool!
About halfway into the lap, I let Martin take off. He was going much faster and I wanted to do it at my pace. SO off he went and I concentrated on picking a pace that I could keep up to make it through. I still couldn't ride 100% but I got closer to it and that was a great feeling but that place is still taking EVERYTHING out of me. I went to the car and relaxed in the sun for a bit until Martin came back from his 3rd lap. Good for him!!! Sweet was also that I ran into two German girls, one of them living in Omaha. She took my email address and phone number. I am hoping to hear from her. It would be nice to get to meet some more Germans. She said that they are having a get-together once a month. That would be kind a nice to meet some more of "my kind":))


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