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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Weed Whacking

Today, didn't start out all that great. I didn't feel well. I think, I caught, whatever Martin has been carrying around with him for the last few days....rats! Does anybody have tips on getting over a cold/flue-like thing really fast? I want to be fit for the week-end.
Good thing is, that today, I had the luxury to take it easy, so I tried to sleep a lot and drank buckets of water. I even decided to take the day off from biking and not to do any physical exercise. Well, that didn't happen, because tonight, we had to go out to Swanson to take care of the trails....

Who would have thought that weed whacking could be part of my race preparation for this weekend's Psycowpath Race at Swanson Park. Well, I would have never thought...
Today, was a planned last pre-race-trail-prep at Swanson, but besides Martin and I, who are the trail leaders of Swanson only Dale from the Bike Masters showed up. Martin has tendinitis in his right shoulder and the Doc told him, not to do ANYTHING with it. So, guess who had to learn how to use that thing? Not that I mind so much, but since we do a lot of trail maintenance and have a big yard, we have an industrial size whacker, it's the manly model, which means it gets the job done, but it is also HEAVY. I think, we spent good two hours out there and got most of it done. I was a bit disappointed, that not more folks showed up, but what can you do.
All I can say is that it gives you a much higher appreciation for a good ridable trail, after you got sprayed with whacked weeds and hit with I don't know what all over you...I definitely needed a shower afterwards.
Mr. Whiskers needed a bath as well. We started to call him Tick-Monster. He is getting so many ticks, it is not funny. I just applied his tick-medicine last week, so I am a little upset about all these ticks.



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