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Sunday, May 6, 2007

XC Race at Camp Ingawanis, IA

One more XC race to report from, this time from Waverly, IA.
This is just a short picture summary:

My latest addition to my bike is a pair of GR2 ERGON Grips. I got these from Jeff.
He let me test ride/race them and when I said that I love them he said, keep them.
Thanks Jeff! :)
Those grips feel like cushions and my hands will appreciate them. Sweet deal! I think, it helped that I told him that I am German and would love something German on my bike. Now, I do:)
I guess, the next would be to find myself a German MTB. I had offers already to have a Rotwild
imported, but that has to wait for a while. Maybe I can bring myself a souvenir back from on of my next trips home.

This is actually an "after-race-shot". I like it, because my face tells a lot about the race.

This is one of my favorites. It was a new section, that they put in. Loose dirt, made muddy by the rain, but mastered by the CCBLUR-Team.


Blogger Marc said...

Diggin the pics. Puts the race in perspective of the conditions.
I even got mud on my road bike trying to get out of town.
Way to much rain.
Good job!


Blogger VeloCC said...

Thanks. Yeah, it's good to see some action shots. Helps to work on the technical skills.


Blogger sydney_b said...

Love that post race pic. The determination and grit, just very cool. and that mud looks so slippery. You sure look clean for having ridden in that stuff. Must have been leading. :)


Blogger VeloCC said...

My look almost changed on one of the down hill sections, of all the places on a dirt road. I went full blast and hit a piece of sand/mud/whatever and lost I would have left a mark there but my bike just kept going and I kept the wheels down. It amazes me again and again that speed carries you through so much stuff.



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