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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Got up EARLY this morning to drive down to the Platte River State Park for the weekly Bacon-Ride on Sunday mornings.
You probably wonder, what bacon has to do with MTB, and you are right to wonder about this.
Well, Platte is one of our best places to MTB. It is pretty much in the middle between Omaha and Lincoln, so it's easy to reach from "both sides". AND it has a Sunday breakfast buffet: ALL YOU CAN EAT, with the infamous bacon!
The other reason, we go out there so early is, that in the summer, they have horseback riding there and MTB aren't allowed on the trails between 9 am and 4 pm.

After feeling kind of yucky all week and not doing Ponca on Saturday, was it the first MTB ride this week for me.

Exciting, because I had a new pair of gloves to try out:
a pair of Ergon HM1-W

It's an all mountain glove and as the "W" says, in my case women's specific.
The German is me is even more happy about the name of the glove, because I know, that the "H" stands for Handschuh = glove:)
Europeans label their clothes different than we do. There, a large is a large and they don't make you into a medium, just to make you feel better...
So, in my case, I got the women's large and when I first saw them, I thought, Oh my, they look tiny. BUT they a glove (duh!) They fit perfectly.

So today, was the day for the first test ride:
And I have to say that I really like them. They breathe very well. All the material in between the fingers is a fine mesh.
Like I said before, the fit is perfect and they compliment the grips. Well, I guess, they were made with the Ergon grips in mind and it was obvious after an 1:30 hrs of riding, that they function optimal with the grips: I had NO pain in my hands, not even a discomfort.

Oh, and the grips had won me over before, but after riding my last race with normal grips (and my hands falling asleep), I appreciated the "cushy" feeling today even more.
And I know, what I am talking about. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands and a pain-free ride is a WONDERFUL ride.



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