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Monday, June 18, 2007

Ergon USA works with VeloCC Deutschland

This is not the best of my pictures, but it shows my Ergon R2 Series Grips, which Jeff had given to me at the race in Waverly, IA to test them for the race and if I liked them I could keep them. It does take a few moments to get used to them but then your hands start singing, because all those former pressure points are being releaved...ahhhhh. No question, that those Ergons seem to be the solution.
It was also right around the time, where I found out that a road bike can also be used as a torture instrument, if dosed high enough:) Again, my hand were the "weakest link". Actually, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands and fingers (and feet). So everything that helps me to stay on the bike longer, without my hands "screaming" at me is a GOOD thing. No joke!
After the race, I walked up to Jeff and said that I like them and he just smiles and said: "Keep them and win with them" THANK YOU !!!

So since then, I have been riding and racing with these grips and I LOVE THEM!!

I try to stay informed about his team since TOPEAK ERGON are actually two German companies and they ride a German bike Rotwild (sorry, that website is in German...)
Their team colors are a bright green and a lot of their equipment is either white or green.
Green is my favorite color, all shades of green....

Secretly, I had been eying the green team edition grips, but hey, I got my pair for free, directly and personally put on by Mr. 24. so I can't ask for any more and I don't. I am pretty happy with what I have.
I also stay in touch with Jeff and he is always happy about feedback from his "Ergon-users".

Recently, they came out with their own line of gloves and I am wondering, hmmm, maybe that would make the grip feeling even better....
So, I ask Jeff about them and where to get them and to make a long story short, here are the first pictures of my new Goodies:)

Weihnachten im Juni!!! Xmas in June:) DANKE SCHOEN!! THANK YOU!!

I will write some more about those gloves as soon as I get a chance to try them out. And if the green grips "feel" any different than the black ones... Might have to watch out for rabbits now; they eat everything green!?!
Yesterday was my day off. Off the bike that was. We went to Lake Manawa instead and worked on the trail for a few hours.
It is ridable again!!!!! Maybe I will go out there today.....


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