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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Handmade in Lincoln, NE

Martin has been riding Gary Fisher Supercaliber for a while now. It's a 29er and like many of the folks around here he loves his bigger wheels. I guess, size does matter:)

Well, all our other bikes run tube less, but he couldn't find wheels for his 29er that he could put tube less wheels on, until a few months ago, when we went down do Lincoln and he saw Eric from Monkeywrenchcycles built a custom wheels and he saw the high quality immediately.
So he went a ahead and ordered himself a pair for his Supercaliber.

Today was the big day and we went to pick them up.They look super sweet and we went strait back home where Martin put everything together.
Not only look they sweet, they are also quite a bit lighter than the old wheels...

I got lucky and got a pair of Chrome Knickers out of it. Love their stuff and Nate carries it:)


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