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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Landahl Canceled-Heartland Series WON!!!

Last night, we got the news: The last race of the Heartland Series is canceled...:(
They had so much rain this week down in Kansas that the trails down there are not ridable.
And they decided not to reschedule.

The good news is, that I was after the first three races the clear winner of my category, so I can happily say, that I have the first race series win under my belt:)) Mission accomplished!

So we are in Omaha and Martin and I went for a nice road ride today. Went up on the Keystone to Democracy Park and turned around. After a nice lunch at Old Chicago, we pedaled home...

Oh, and I got my first road crash in... In order to cross Cass Street, you have to get off the bike trail and I didn't pay close enough attention and didn't make my turn tight enough and got off the trail in the dirt, tried to get back on the trail, threaded the tire and went bum!

So, do I see you tomorrow at Swanson Park? I might get a bit of racing in. Don't know yet what class. I will decide that tomorrow, depending on, how I feel...


Blogger Emily said...

congrats, christine! that's purdy sweet. have you thought about doing the landahl 6/12 in august?


Blogger VeloCC said...

Yes, I am thinking about it:) Are you doing it?


Blogger Emily said...

i'd like to...... i think.



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