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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lewis&Clark defeated me

Well, all I can say is that L&C is done and it was hard, as expected, but I didn't really ride as well as I thought I could.
My start was weak, witch was my fault. I started out too slow. It was an uphill sprint, but not a long and not a very steep hill, I just didn't push hard enough. The prize: I made it second behind Stephanie, who won the race in the end, into the singletrack.
There, in the first steep downhill part, I was stuck behind her, with no chance to pass her.
Once we were down at the bottom, she put on the speed and I had a hard time hanging on. My legs wouldn't produce any speed. Well, I thought, I might catch her on one of the more technical parts, so I just kept going as fast I could. And for sure, every time, as steep ascent came up, I caught her, but she just jumped off her bike and took advantage of her runner's legs and ran with her bike for a couple of hundred yards....zoom: wow! I stayed on her heels for quite a bit, until I hit my "wall" and even though I tried pushing, I couldn't push anymore. It was really frustrating. I had no power, no breath,...nothing to put out there to make me go any faster than snailing speed:( ( I think by then my HR was at 180 or so)
I ended up being second, but I am really unhappy about my riding today.

They say to look forward and not look back, so I am trying to do that for tomorrow's race.
I am writing this post from Independence, MO, where I will race my other XC race this weekend in the Heartland Series.
Let's hope my legs will wake up tomorrow:)

By the way, Congrats Stephanie! You did a great job!


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