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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Norfolk, here I come and how to crunch numbers.

Well, it is official! I registered for my first road race, yeah:) For the Norfolk Classic this weekend.
I am already nervous, because compared to my MTB racing experience, I don't think, I have the slightest clue, what I am getting myself into...!?!?

Am I ready for a road race????

Several factors are in my favor and that is where the numbers come sprinting around the corner:)

I have been loosing about 12lbs by now since I started training more. (Oh what a feeling, when you pull out an old favorite pair of jeans that you just couldn't give away and It FITS AGAIN)

I can tell myself that I am racing my MTB pretty successfully. I am leading by points in TWO race series. Not too shabby.

And what is really cool, I increased my LT by 12 from 165 to 172. :D
Some folks might know what these numbers mean and some might say: Huh?? So here is an attempt to explain it. As most of you know by now, I am training with Marc.
Tonight I went down to Lincoln to see him and have a fitness test done to see, how my fitness has improved.
All that, is measuring my Heart rate (beats/min). The LT is the Lactic Threshold and it is THE highest HR that you can maintain over a longer period of time, like in a race or so. The higher the LT, the stronger your output, the better you ride... (Please correct me if I explain this wrong)
Anyway, when I had my initial test done my LT was at a HR of 165. Tonight it was 172. That means, I can work harder, at an higher HR over a longer period of time, ergo, I am in better shape...YEAH!!

That's the good news! The side effect of that will be that my workouts will get harder as well, but call me crazy, I am excited about that.
This training is not only a physical "therapy" for me, but also a way to work on something that is for my body and my soul. I feel, that biking gives me also a mental strength and sticking with the training plan gives my life a goal, MY GOAL, that I set, with the help of Marc but it is something that is my personal project and my body is the subject.
And I know I will get there: ONE PEDAL STROKE AT A TIME


Blogger sydney_b said...

Nice work, CC! This is huge progress and I know you'll keep moving towards your goals! :) See you in Norfolk.


Blogger LoupGarou said...

Awesome results. Also, welcome to the clan of the "green people" hehe It's great to have another person on board.

You will have a great time at Norfolk, wish I was going but I had already commited myself to BRAN. Your first road race will definitely be a learning experience.

Keep up with the hard work. See you at Ponca.


Blogger VeloCC said...



Blogger Roxy said...

Gutes Gl├╝ck, mein Freund. Ich bin auf Sie stolz!

I'm chillin this weekend, but I'm going to put in some long hours in the saddle (plus a few more fishing w/ dad on the river).

Looking forward to hearing about your initiation into that other racing. :)




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