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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Raising Awareness!!

As you all know, I just did my first road race this weekend.
I got my road bike last December to train more sufficiently and get more miles in.
I want to do more road racing in the future and I know in order to do so I have to ride it on the ROAD.
I have been biking off road for many years now and just this weekend, I was talking to road racers and they said: "how brave I was, for riding off road"
But in reality, so far, I just tried to stay away from the road to avoid traffic.
Even to ride at Swanson, which is only 15 min biking-distance from my house. I always used to take the car there.

But, I also realized, that I need to get more riding in, so I ride more on the road.
I am NOT comfortable doing it, but I want to get the riding done.

Tonight, Martin and I went to Swanson to ride. We have a race this weekend in Kansas.
He rides more laps than I do and I don't like to wait around, so I ride home, no problem...

And then I read this on Squirrel's Blog and I normally don't play copy-cat,
but this needs to be spread...

Two riders in Des Moines, IA got hit by a car this morning at 6.30am. One was thrown in the left ditch and the other one in the right ditch. Both of them are in the hospital in critical conditions...

Can you believe this???? Please keep those guys in your mind and prayers !

We need to raise awareness for our safety!!!


Blogger sydney_b said...

While I agree there needs to be more awareness, I would also like to remind folks that given how many roadies are out there on the roads and the miles they log, there are relatively few accidents. MOST drivers give space and keep an eye out for us.

Don't be scared to take to the road. Some tips: make sure you don't wear headphones. When you hear someone behind you, give a little wave to let them know, you know they are there. I have also had motorists tell me they appreciate it when a cyclist waves them by so they know the cyclist is prepared for them to come around.

Consider a safety vest. My friend Janna has one she wears in the early mornings. It has a safety yellow panel and reflective stripes. Looks smart, but I've not bought one yet.

Just my .02


Blogger VeloCC said...

That's a good point Sydney.
Communication and Visibility is key.
I don't mean to scare people, but change the driver's mind set from thinking of us as either being non-existing or a nuisance.
Lights or a safety-vest are a good idea.
I also like the waving (not to be confused with flicking...haha, those little differences in the language make such a big difference in the outcome:)
There should be enough room for all of us!!



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