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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Walnut Allergy is getting Worse

I am allergic to walnuts. I never really cared for walnuts anyway. I don't like the flavor too much, but that was before we moved here.

Our yard has lots of walnut tress:

The first year, that we moved in our house, the yard was covered with weeds and ground covers. It was in the end of October and the yard was covered with WALNUTS, leaves, walnuts and more walnuts...
Martin was working and I started raking. And raked, and raked, and...
until my back gave up.
I ended up in the emergency room with a bulged disk: ouch!
It forced me to take a long break from working out and biking.
And another reason to dislike walnuts!
Well, we got rid of the ground covers and weeds and I made it a habit now to collect the nuts as they fall. Still no fun. Plus it is almost a hard hat zone during that time:(
Then, when we had an arborist take a few trees down( Most of them, Martin and I took down ourselves) and he explained to us, that walnut trees "kill" everything that tries to grow underneath them. It's in the wood, the leaves and the WALNUTS!!
I am still able to nurture my flowerbed underneath on of those trees, but I don't like it!
Like I said, I am "allergic" to walnuts...
Today, I think was the crowning moment. I came home from an appointment and noticed that the wind gusts had blown down loads of sticks and branches, so I decided to clean them up, until this thing came down:
Heilige Scheisse!! A huge branch (actually almost half the tree) of one of the walnut trees came down right in front of me.
That's it.

Do you have any cure for my walnut allergy? Is there anything useful, that can be done with either the wood, the nuts, or whatever?



Blogger sydney_b said...

Personally, I like walnuts. BUT... you might want to check with woodworkers. Walnut, esp. black walnut, is a highly valued wood to craftsmen. So, maybe you could sell your trees and have some cash with which to replace them or buy bike parts. :)


Blogger VeloCC said...

that might be an idea:)



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