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Saturday, July 21, 2007

30min TT or how to spend 1/2 hour in high speed pain

Today was my first day back on the bike after taking a break due to feeling sick.

No problem I thought. This is supposed to be an easy week so what hard workout could await me:

A TIME-TRIAL.....30 minutes, ALL OUT, as fast as I can.
Oh boy....
Well two factors were on my side today. We had a good strong wind blowing from the south and Martin came along to pace me a bit. Well, we rode together into the wind towards the Missouri river until we had about 50 min of normal riding time in.
Then, he gave me a 3 min head start and I started my TT. First 10 min was one lap-time and then the last 20 min, was the second lap-time. I haven't downloaded my Polar yet, but I know already, that my average HR got higher and that my average speed got higher:))
That is very cool.
Cool, because, I am just overcoming a cold but I am still producing more speed.
I also lost more weight and I guess the "missing" pounds make me ride faster as well!?!!

I am aiming for a new goal now! I want to get down to 150 lbs. That should be a good weight for me. Once I am there, I go from there. If I loose more, heck, I will have to deal with it:)

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Blogger Marc said...

Good job Christine. I haven't looked at the data yet, since I'm still catching up a bit from Superweek, but I'm glad you had a good go at it. Frontal area does play a role in aerodynamics. But strength plays a key role in moving your bike. So be cautious about how your feeling compared to your weight. Go slowly.



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