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Thursday, July 5, 2007

almost 3 hours of riding

my riding fluctuates the last few days. I have really good days, like today and then, I have days, like the last 2, where I felt like doodoo and tired to ride on the 4th, but had to give up, at the planned exercise...I got some more riding done in the evening, when we rode out to the Fireworks at Rosenblatt Stadium and those hills in Omaha are always good for a workout. Add some heat and humidity and you have a perfect work-out, which I will log into my log later.
Anyway, the next morning, I felt a bit under the weather and that was after 2 bottles of beer and one Morita between 5 and 11 pm. I can't drink anymore...

So on the 4th, Martin took his red,white and blue bike out for a ride and I....took a nap:)

Well, today, he let me sleep in and I got up around 9:30am. Tired and lazy... First action is always a big pot of coffee. We still have our supplies from Germany and I enjoy every single drop:)

After that, I am checking my email and such and see that I have to do "Muscel Tension Efforts" Holy Poop! It is already noon and nice and warm outside, but I didn't ride yesterday, so I need to do something today.
I jump on my Roadie and this time I try this exercise a bit different. I am trying it on the hills in my neighborhood and they are long and steep. I know that they aren't long enough but they make up for a higher effort and so I shify into a higher gear, stay seated and grind up those hills, making sure that my pedalstroke is round and smooth. I am pushing so hard, that my shoes moves in the cleats, but I make it up those hills an I reach my target HR...yeah!!!
I do that for 45 min and about 6 climbs and then I roll back home.
Need to keep some of my power for tonight for the TNR ar Manawa.

After a nice nap. Martin and I head out to Manawa. I choose by my free will to ride the Spider!!!
I rode for 1:35 min and I concentrated on SPEED and all the technical crossings. Got them down for the most part.
All the flat winding parts, I dialed in my bike so I won't need my breaks. It will be full leg power ahead.

I have a really good feeling about Saturday. I love Manawa! I kicked butt in the mudd last year. I can do this again, even better:))

And I got almost three hours of riding in today. That's not too shabby...


Blogger Nikemom said...

Manawa trail is awesome! A trail you could ride all day long and not get tired of it. See ya tomorrow.


Blogger Jeff Kerkove said...

nice bike.....and sticker.




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