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Saturday, July 14, 2007

A whole day of ROAD CYCLING

I got up early this morning to ride my road bike but I made the mistake to "snoop in" the TdF real quick and realized that they reached the first mountain stage, which means, it is the first time where the real contenders for a win of the TOUR might show themselves today and so Martin and I decided to watch a bit while having breakfast.

As you all you, I am (much) more of a MTB, but I guess, when it comes to the Tour, the European in me breaks through and we love events like that. So even before I had ever touched a road bike was I watching le Tour...

Well, today was an interesting stage, because they had these 15 or so guys that had gotten away from the peleton and they were doing really well. A few bigger names were in there but mostly smaller names from bigger teams. They do that, so they have one or two dudes out there.

Well, T-Mobile had a guy out there named Linus Gerdemann, 24 years old from Germany. In his second year as a pro rider. And cute:)

Anyway Linus managed to break away from the breakaway and kept that distance up over the mountain and into the finish. Which not only gave him a stage win but he is also took over the yellow jersey and that is A MILESTONE in is young career. YEAH!!! A German Dude in Yellow makes die Bergziege happy:))

After the finish, M and I jumped on our rode bikes to go out at least for 2 1/2 hours. I had misread my training description and M complained about my slow riding and in the end, it was me to blame, oh well, I sill had a good and loong ride.

Unfortunately a few min shorter than Marc wanted me to, but we needed to get to Papillon to help out with their first Annual Twilight Crit. Martin and I guarded on a corner ( the crash corner) and did that from 2.30 pm until a few min after 9 pm....yeeeesh, I think, I have seen more crit racing and learned more than I could have ever out of a book. 7 hours of cycling lesson...

I think, Marc, I should be able to write this in my training log!

Imagine how many kilometers in the Tour this morning, I think: 195KM, my own 35 miles and then the 7 hours of Crit racing.

Hey I should get that written down as one great work-out. I am super tired and I learnt a LOT.





Blogger Jill said...

What a great monument!

How are you liking the Modest Mouse CD?


Blogger VeloCC said...

Martin and I saw this monument today riding.
I love the Modest Mouse CD!


Blogger nicol said...

Cool pic!

Janna said she met you last night at the crit. in Papillion. I wish I could have been there too.

You guarded that corner a long time! That's a hard job when it's so hot outside. Hope they brought you water. :)

See ya!


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