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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Garden Duty

Martin and I, under the supervision of Mr. Whiskers, worked all afternoon in the Garden. I mowed the lawn and picked up Walnuts, dead headed some flowers, planted some new flowers that Brenda, our neighbor gave me and played with Mr. W in his pool. Martin picked up even more sticks and fallen nuts and then he started a new flower bed. It has been in the planning for a while now, but I never got the vibe to dig around with the stones for the wall around it.
Well, he has done it now and I can spend my time one the fun part: filling it with plants.

I already know that this bed will be another specialty bed: I will only plant grasses in there, so I have to start reading up on them a bit more....

Oh, and tonight I watched the TdF, since a) I didn't make it out of bed in time this morning and b) Martin was watching Formula 1 this morning anyways...

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